Chapter 9.2015

September 2015
I found myself with a visitor the weekend of September 18-20th, my awesome cousin Mitch Autry! We went out that Friday night, bar-hopping from Firehaus, Kams to Red Lion. I’ll never forget as the bars were closing, it began DOWNPOURING. Sewers can’t keep up, streets starting to flood, heavy rain.

We, and by we I mean a majority of the bar, crammed ourselves into this little, drunk food restaurant across the street called Wingin’ Out. Mitch decided to make sure I got home safely, so we got an Uber for his friend and began our journey home. Being a seasoned veteran of going out in any weather condition I had packed a foldable rain coat. Mitch not anticipating the rain, found an empty pizza box on the street to use as a makeshift umbrella. We laughed and laughed. Bus ride and a quick jog later we found ourselves home, snacking, changed into dry, comfy clothes and up until 4am chatting and catching up. It had been so long since we had had the opportunity to talk just the two of us, that it’s a memory I’ll always cherish. He repeated multiple times of how similar Marissa (his sister/my cousin) and I had grown up to be, how “chill” I was, and how I felt like his “other sister”.

That next morning I made Mitch go to the Urbana Farmer’s Market with me. I had forgotten he used to work at a grocery store and was an expert in fruit and vegetables; making him the perfect farmers market partner! The remainder of the day we made food, watched TV and continued catching up until his friend came to pick him up at 5pm.

September also brought many friends for a fundraiser in honor of Julie D. (Backstory for those of you reading who don’t know, Julie D was my sorority sister Natalie’s twin sister who passed this summer from Cystic Fibrosis). Natalie and her soccer team dedicated one of their games to her, made t-shirts and “painted” the sidelines pink (Julie’s absolute favorite color). This meant many, many friends came into town to support Natalie!! Megan and Bri stayed with me which was so nice to live with friends again, even if for a short while. Alissa, Kendra, Sarah G, Emily G, Katrina, and more came into town. Not to mention the active Alpha Phi’s made a sisterhood event out of it, which was amazing to see so many girls supporting Natalie and her family.

IMG_4080IMG_40819.2015 friends




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